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Pastor James Go

United Baptist Church, CA


When it comes to discipleship, many in the Western church have embraced a 'smorgasbord' kind of Christianity, choosing the easy way and avoiding what is demanding. The resources and seminar offered through STRIDE International reveal Jesus' simple disciple-making process from Mark's Gospel.


To all those who aspire to become remarkable disciples, this seminar will convict, challenge, and motivate you to grow in your relationship with Christ and invest in the lives of others for Jesus' sake and the proclamation of the gospel.


Christian congregations will greatly benefit from these resources and seminars.



Pastor Peter Le

Vietnamese Faith Baptist Church, Dallas, TX


Thank you for serving the Lord in making disciples for His kingdom. Our young adult group enjoyed the seminar.


We will contact your ministry for further discipleship training in the near future.


Rev. Dr. Albert Seung

President, Christian Creative Communication Center, Plano, TX


Discipleship was once the backbone of the church's mission, but now it has become a lost art in the 21st century church. This is a call for churches to revisit, revitalize, and recommit to Jesus' simple disciple-making process. Christ Himself commanded all believers to 'make disciples' in His Great Commission.


The seminar offered through STRIDE International reveals a simple disciple-making process for Christians in the 21st century and an encouragement for Christians to develop a lifestyle that is consistent with our faith and calling.


I recommend this seminar to all Christians who want to become remarkable disciples of Jesus Christ.


Dr. Rob McCleland

President at John Maxwell Leadership Foundation


I've read the Gospel of Mark countless times, but failed to surface these latent discipleship truths. The resources and seminar offered through STRIDE International reveal that the suffering we eschew brings the sanctification that we long for. Obedience sometimes hurts, but it's not nearly as painful as the disappointment and regret we'll suffer as nominal Christians.


This is for all believers who desire to grow spiritually and impact their world for Jesus Christ.

Dr. Onesimus Ngundu

Research Associate University of Cambridge, UK


The Gospel of Mark is used as a springboard to challenge Christian churches to be engaged in life-transforming discipleship.


This seminar reveals what true Christian discipleship involves and how believers can become remarkable disciples of Jesus Christ. 

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